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Haysville Middle School Level Course Catalogue

4862,  .5  6-8, by grade Reading         This 45 minute class period is designed for students who are reading one grade level below to one
4872,      level Strategies              grade level above their current grade. The curriculum for Reading Strategies is designed to enhance
4882                                     reading comprehension skills across the four text types: narrative, expository, persuasive, and
                             (HMS/HWMS)  technical. Various strategies are taught to help students understand and process what they read as
4200,  1                                 well as understand word origins, prefixes, suffixes and word roots. Considerable time is spent on
4297       8 Geometry                    enhancing vocabulary skills as well.
                             (HMS/HWMS)  Geometry is a rigorous honors course focusing on a combination of plane and solid geometry.
4296,  1                                 Emphasis is placed on the deductive processes of reasoning with some aspects of inductive
4201       7-8 Algebra                   reasoning. Angles, parallel lines and planes, triangles, polygons, and circles are studied along with
                             (HMS/HWMS)  the area and volume of those figures and solids.

                                         Algebra I is an honors class for 7th and 8th grade students. Passing Pre-Algebra and teacher
                                         recommendation are pre-requisites for being enrolled in Algebra I. Algebra I topics include, but are
                                         not limited to, integer rules, combining like terms, properties, multi-step equations, polynomials,
                                         factoring, fractions, ratios, proportions, percents, problem solving, functions, the coordinate plane,
                                         systems of equations, and inequalities.

4281,  1   8 Math 8 (Pre PreAlgebra is a regular class for eighth graders. It is a bridge from elementary mathematics to
4295       Algebra)                      algebra and geometry. Since topics in mathematics are connected, this course will also lead to data

           (HMS/HWMS) analysis and probability, as well as covering integers, equations, graphs, number theories,

                                         probability, graphing, area and polynomials. Students will be expected to be actively involved in

                                         their learning through asking questions, discussing alternative problem solving, and making

                                         connections between what's new and what's known. Success will come through effort and

                                         acceptance of the different techniques.

4217,  1   7 Math 7 (HMS), Seventh Grade Math is a course to further the students’ understanding of Number Concepts and
           Math 2                        Operations. It is a bridge to Pre-Algebra linking the mathematical process with patterns,

           (HWMS)                        relationships, and Algebraic thinking. It covers integers, fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions,

                                         percents, measurement and estimation, probability, data analysis, graph interpretation, and basic

                                         concepts from Geometry and Algebra.

                                         Revised 1-11-10
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