Administration Directory

GENERAL INFORMATION - Phone: (316)554-2200

SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE - Phone: (316)554-2200
Jeff Hersh, Superintendent - Email:
Debbie Coleman, Executive Administrative Assistant - Email:
Aprille Hale, Business Office Clerk

PERSONNEL - Phone: (316)554-2206
Gillian Macias, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel
Joe Zimmerman, Certified Clerk
Dawn Womack, Classified Clerk
Beth Schutte RN, District Nurse
Leslie Thomas RN, Assistant District Nurse

LEARNING SERVICES - Phone: (316)554-2205
Jennifer Reed, Assistant Superintendent for Learning Services
Lisa Cundiff, Director of Instructional Technology
Krista Pottier, K-12 Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
Shenae Stein, K-12 Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
Christy Long, Curriculum Secretary

Dr. Angie Estell, Director
Amy Bedient, Assistant Director
Gina Latta, Student Support
Dana Collier, Secretary
Trisha Greenlee, Secretary
Elvia Barazza-Martinez, Physical Therapist
Mary Jo Borzelleri-Miller, Occupational Therapist
Jennifer Logan, Occupational Therapist
Shelly Stude, Occupational Therapist
Lindsey Yordy, Adapted Physical Education
Angie Hilt, Teacher of Students who are Visually Impaired (TSVI)

BUSINESS DEPARTMENT - Phone: (316)554-2201
Dr. Clint Schutte, Associate Superintendent for Business & Finance
Nadine Foreman, Accounting Assistant
Jyntre Hephner, Accounts Receivable and Employee Benefits
Melinda Smith, Payroll
Jennifer Shumaker, Accounts Payable and Purchasing

COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR  - Phone: (316)554-2200 
Adia Ludwig, Communications Director

David Herbert, Director of Information Technology
Bret Long, Asst. Director of Information Technology
Misty Long, Website Coordinator
Mark Kane, Systems Analyst I
Trinidy Boes, Systems Analyst II
Marion Barnes, Network Analyst I
Som Choup, Adv. PC Technician
D.J. Green, Adv. PC Technician
Kathy Walker, IT Secretary

EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER - Phone: (316)554-2233
250 E Grand
Amy Bedient, Director
Jennifer Schroeder, Secretary

SUPPORT SERVICES - Phone: (316)554-2200
1745 W Grand
Linda Long, Homeless/Foster Care Liaison

STUDENT BASED HEALTH CLINIC - Phone: (316)554-2317
1745 W Grand
Linda Long, Clinic Coordinator
Angela Windham, Secretary

FOOD SERVICES - Phone: (316)554-2219
132 Stewart
Gina Lee, Director
Laurann Latham, Secretary

DR. JOHN BURKE LEARNING CENTER - Phone: (316)554-2331 Fax: (316)554-2342
150 Stewart
Penny Schuckman, Director
Dartha Lewis, Secretary

OPERATIONS & FACILITIES - Phone: (316)554-2210
1745 W. Grand
B.J. Knudson, Executive Director
Freddy Robinson, Director of Facilities
Tammy Sanchez, Secretary

TRANSPORTATION - Phone: (316)554-2213
7337 S Meridian
Justin Bloomer, Director of Transportation