Students who do not live within district boundaries, but want to attend a school in Haysville USD 261, will need to complete the Limited Open Enrollment (LOE) application. More information will be posted when the Limited Open Enrollment request window opens for the 2023 - 2024 school year. The window opens the first week in May and closes after Labor Day. The application will only be available to download during this time. If you have any questions, please contact the district office at 316-554-2200. Click the button below for the application.

* Annual acceptance may not be granted if the student’s academic, attendance, and/or behavior record is not in good standing. Each student will be evaluated on an individual basis.
Renewal forms for current LOE's will be sent out annually by the end of the third full week in April. The renewal form will need to be completed and returned before the date listed on the form.


Open Enrollment Reminders

  1. Providing accurate and up-to-date information will enable us to evaluate your application quicker. Applications missing any of the required documents listed below, or are incomplete, will not be accepted.
    • Transcript
    • Discipline Records
    • Attendance Records
    • IEP & 504 Records (if applicable)
  2. To be considered for acceptance, the following conditions must be met:
    • Good Behavior (no discipline problems)
    • Good Attendance (regular and prompt)
    • Good Academic Standing (in all subject areas)
    • Provide Own Transportation (to and from school)
  3. Decisions for acceptance is contingent on facility space, staff, and student records from current school.
  4. If approved to attend Haysville Schools, transportation is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility.
  5. Your student(s) will be held to high standards of academic progress, behavior, and attendance to continue attending Haysville Schools.
  6. Each Limited Open Enrollment student approved to enter Haysville Schools will be evaluated during and at the end of each year to determine if the student has met the expectations of USD 261 and if space is available. If expectations have not been met and/or space is no longer available, your student(s) will not be able to attend the following year or if In-District student numbers increase during the school year, your student(s) may be moved to a school with space available.

All applications for Limited Open Enrollment will be reviewed by the district after July 31 of the current school year, at which time enrollment capacity will be reviewed. If accepted, you will receive a phone call at the number provided on the form. Phone calls will only be made to those who have been accepted. Letters will be mailed out to those that were not accepted.