School Hours

School starts at 8:25 and dismisses at 3:50 p.m. Student arrival into the building is 8:05 AM, and students are to report to breakfast or to the gym. Students that arrive after 8:25 will not be allowed to eat breakfast. Students can go to their classrooms beginning at 8:15 AM.

Dropping Off Students At School

Student drop-off is located at the main entrance (north doors). Students must be in their classroom by 8:25 AM or they will be counted tardy. Parents must sign their students in late at the office after 8:25 AM. Afternoon Pre-K students should arrive at 12:45 PM. Lunch will be served immediately.

Latchkey Services

Latchkey services are available beginning at 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM. Information is available through the Haysville Activity Center.

When Your Child is Absent

Please remember to call the office when your child will not be in school because of illness or appointments by 9:00 AM. Our phone number is 554-2290. If your child arrives at school after 8:25 AM, he/she will need to come to the office to sign-in. Students will be recognized for their attendance.

Wednesday Folders

Oatville students will take home a Wednesday Folder each week with notes from the office and teacher. Please be sure to check the contents of the folder each week, sign that you have seen the contents, and then return it promptly to school on Thursday or Friday. If you represent an organization which may be sending notes home with students, please be sure these notes are approved for distribution by the central office and that they arrive at school before Monday to be sent home on a Wednesday.

Oatville News Network - ONN

The staff and students are so excited about the continuation of ONN (Oatville Network News) broadcasting which is being used for morning announcements each day. The ONN crew and the Tech Squad have been busy learning the equipment and producing morning news broadcasts for Oatville staff and students. A special thank you to Mrs. Eash and Mrs. Marshall for organizing this project and the Oatville PTA for providing the funds to purchase the equipment.

Family Rights and Privacy Act

If you do not want USD 261 to disclose directory information from your child’s education records, you must notify the District in writing within two weeks of enrolling your child. Please send such notification to: Liz Hames, Community Relations Coordinator, 1745 W. Grand, Haysville, KS 67060 AND to your child’s school. If a written notification of refusal to release directory information is not received by the District, USD 261 assumes there is no objection to the release of the directory information as designated.

Kids coming to school

Become a School Volunteer

Are interested in becoming a teacher helper, tutor, field trip monitor, room parent, etc.
The students need YOU!
Call your school office to become a School Volunteer.

In the Classroom

Literacy First

"Our Student Success Tool"

Each school has a Learning Facilitator (LF), who monitors the Literacy First process.

During this process, teachers learn and apply new research-based strategies for teaching, student engagement, and monitoring the individual learning of all students. Literacy First has changed how we teach reading, as many of the strategies are applied during math, social studies, science, etc.

Olweus Bully Prevention

"Oatville School is a Bully-Free Zone"

Oatville students and staff work very hard to make our school a bully-free place. At Oatville our definition of bullying behavior is behavior that is unfair, has an imbalance of power, is hurtful, is done on purpose, and is repeated. This includes physical, verbal, social, emotional, or cyber bullying. Please watch future newsletters for additional ways to keep Oatville Indians safe.


Capturing Kids Hearts

"If you have a kid's have a child's mind."

Our teachers and staff are practicing the strategies of "Capturing Kids Hearts" to transform our classrooms into high-achieving centers of learning. By implementing these strategies we are experiencing fewer tardies, higher attendance, lower discipline referrals, fewer dropouts, and increased graduation rates.