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Looking for 4 year olds....

The Haysville Early Childhood Program has a limited number of openings in our 4 year old At-Risk program. If your child will be 4 years old by August 31, 2016 and any of the following apply to your family, please call our office at 554-2233 for more information.

* Either parent was 19 years of age or younger when the child was born.

* Either parent did not receive a high school diploma or GED

* The custodial parent is unmarried at time of enrollment

* The family qualifies for free or reduced school meals.

* The family received SRS assistance (food stamps).

* The child speaks a language other than English as their preferred language.

* Either parent is on active military duty.


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Our Program

The Haysville Early Childhood Program provides a Pre-Kindergarten program for children who turn four on or before August 31st and who live in the Haysville school district. In addition, we provide special education services for those children who qualify, once they turn three years old. All children who participate in the Pre-Kindergarten program must complete a Count Your Kid In screening prior to enrollment. For more information on the Pre-Kindergarten program, or to schedule your child for a free screening, please call the Early Childhood office at 316-554-2233.


A Day at Pre-K

A day in Pre-K includes engaging circle time activities with songs, rhymes, stories, calendar time, and an introduction to the alphabet, letter sounds, colors, numbers, shapes, and patterning.


Learning centers provide children with opportunities to participate in enrichment activities that build on the skills taught during circle time. The children develop reading, writing and math skills, along with creative expression through art and dramatic play. Center time also allows children opportunities to problem-solve, share and develop positive social skills.


Count Your Kid In Screenings

Count Your Kid In Clinics screen children in the developmental areas of language, academic concepts and motor skills. The screening helps with early identification of problems and is required for enrollment in the Haysville Pre-Kindergarten Program. All screenings and evaluation services are free to USD 261 residents. For more information about the Pre-Kindergarten Program or to schedule a screening call, 554-2233.


2015-2016 Screening Dates

October 7

November 4

December 2

January 6

February 3

March 2

April 6

April 20

May 18




All screenings will be

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