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February Family Newsletter

                F e b r u a r y :                                                       Principal-Carla Wulf
                 1st-28th-
                  Pennies for
                  campaign &
                  Spirit Week                                                            down new books
                  (see pg. 3)                                                            perfect for them. It’s
                 6th-13th- Book                                                         big. It’s fun. It’s
                  Fair                                                                   powerful. So set a
                 11th-13th-                                                             mega goal for reading
                  Parent                                                                 in Spring 2019 and
                  Conferences                                                            have a great time!
                 12th-Pastries                                                           Book Fair Hours:
                  for Parents,
                  7:30-8am           Get ready to enjoy the    bookivores ready to          6th, 7:30am-4pm
                  (pre-k-2nd)        biggest, loudest Book     unleash their inner dino
                 12th-PTO           Fair ever! It’s the            and enjoy a stomping,     7th, 7:30am-4pm
                  skate Night,       Scholastic DINO-MITE      chomping, reading
                  6-8pm              Book Fair: Stomp,         good time! The               8th, 7:30am-4pm
                 13th-Pastries      Chomp, and Read!          Dyno-mite book fair is a     11th, 7:30am-8pm
                  for Parents,       Super-sized fun awaits    place where reading
                  7:30-8am                                                                  12th, 7:30am-8pm
                  (3rd-5th)          when the school           rules the Earth and
                                     community is turned       dinosaur adventure
                 13th-                                                                     13th, 7:30am-10am
                  Valentine’s Day    into reading raptors,     lives on!  Students can
                  Class parties,     bookceratops, and         strengthen their reading     ONLINE STORE
                  3:15pm             readasaurus rex           skills as they track
                                                                                                 Feb 6th-26th
                 14th-15th-
                  NO SCHOOL
                 18th-
                  NO SCHOOL                         P T O   a c t i v i t i e s
                 21st-PTO
                  night, 5-7, (1st       Feb 12th, PTO                                       Feb 26th, 7pm
                  grade hosting)       Skate night, 6-8pm
                 26th-2nd grade                                                              PTO Meeting
                  Family Fun
                  Night, 6-7:30pm
                  (see pg. 3)
                                                                  Feb 21st, 5-7 pm
                 26th-PTO
                  meeting, 7pm
                                                                   Chick-fil-a Night
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