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Kindergarten & First Grade Internet Activities



Number Recognition
Literacy Center Barney and Friends Kidport Kindergarten
Bumper Cars Find the Number Count the Findows
Bunny Count Gamequarium Jr. Home Numbers
Pattern Mania Pattern Blocks Kidport First
Crazy Pattern Machine Shapes and Patterns Complete the Pattern
Buzzing with Shapes Sorting Blocks Blocks
Buy It with the Little Farmer Cash Puzzler Ed's Bank
Jesse's Ice Cream Stand Money Flash Cards Birth of a Coin
Dositey Money Money to build a Robot Money games
Change Maker    
Counting and Patterning
Fishy Count Count Us In Learning Planet
Base 10 Count Count to 100 with Rabbit Number Line Express
Super Sea Sets   Number Train
Count your Chickens The Counting Game Mend the number square
Addition Sums to 18 Hooty's Addition Interactive Mathematics
Addition Facts to 20 Subtraction Facts to 20 Tens and Ones
Adding Bricks Addition Magician Math Fact Practice
Test the Toad Visual Number Line

Make 10's with Bear

Arithmetic Four    
Numeracy Activities
Kindergarten Math Lessons School Graphs AAA Math First Grade
Brain Teasers Number Games Coloring Pages for Numbers
Math Hangman Toon University  
Bang on Time Telling Time Game for 2 Match Telling Time
Identifying Time-the Hour Time for Time Clock Smiley Clock
Room 108 Time Clock Clockwise Clock Concentration
Free Clock Practice    


Clifford's Phonics Games Chicken Stackers (a, e, i, o, u) Starfall
Phonics Flashcards The Best Trampolini Game Literacy Center for Phonics
BBC for Words and Pictures Sound Sea Reading Games
Headsprout Dositey Phonics Picture Match Launcher
GameGoo Phonics Phonics Endings Between the Lion - Clacker Stackers
Clifford Phonics Blends Long Vowel Sounds
Gamequarium Phonics Vowel Diagraphs Ending Blends
Long Vowels Dipthongs Word Build and Bank
More Long Vowel Sounds    
Stories Read To Me Online
Grimm Fairy Tales StoryPlace Pre-school Library Clifford Interactive Stories Online
BBC Story Circle Online talking stories Lil Fingers Online Stories
Literacy Center Stories Between the Lions stories Storybear's stories
Tweenies Tales BAB's Books

Children's Storybooks Online

Stories Read to me Bookpals Storyline online Ziggity Zoom stories
JayJay's Stories Dragontales Storybook Share a Story
Jan Brett    


Literacy Activities
Story Scramble More literacy games Online Literacy activities
Color Word Memory Game Reggie loves to Rhyme 1st grade Literacy Skills
I Can Read Internet4classrooms Prongo's Drag and Drop Game
Digby's Mole Word Game Whirlyword Machine Word Blender


Sight Words and Word Activities
First Grade Sight Word List Sight Reading Practice Dolch Word List
Kindergarten Sight Words

Sight Word Bingo

Make your own game boards

Prongo Sight Word Game
High Frequency Words in Sentences Word Blender Pounce on the word you hear
More High Frequency Words Gawain's Word StarWords
Spelling City Name the Picture Sight Word activities


Letter Recognition
Alphabet Book Game Gamequarium Jr. Connect the Letters - Sequencing
ABC online activities Rapid Naming Alphabet Action
Alphabet Games Letter Recognition Alphabet Book Game
Aphabet Jigsaw puzzles Speech Sounds and Letters Alpha-Zoo Concentration Game
Billy Bear's alphabet ABC Gulp ABC Adventure
Kindergarten Language Arts Cookie Monster Corner Alphabet Book


PLANTS Plant Parts
Growing Things Many plants websites Fruit and Vegetable activities Trees Are Terrific
Root Race Parts of the Plant Fossweb Story Plant

ANIMALS Camouflage Field Book
Animal Classifying Game Food Chain Habitat Match-Up Design A Panda Habitat
Walk, Swim, or Fly Lots of Classification Activities Zoo Animals Links  

Social Studies

Community Club Ben's Guide to Your Neighborhood What's My Job? Field Trip to the City Park, City Hall or Library
Community Helpers Visit a Fire Station