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Second and Third Grade Internet Activities



Addition Games Arithmatic Four Bowling Subtraction Math Games
Batter Up BaseBall Number Monster Addition Surprise Free Math Games
CyberChallenge-Math Mastery Subtracting 3 digit Numbers Math Is Fun
Soccer Shootout Addition Concentration Addition is Fun
Tic Tac Toe Squares Seashell Search Math Journey
Addition and Subtraction Battleship Addition sums to 18 Mad Minutes
Fun with Fireflies Day at the Beach Subtraction Addition and Subtraction Games
Place Value
Math Cats - Big Numbers Expanded Form Place Value Playoff Base Ten Count
Shark Pool Place Value AAA Math Place Value - Expanded Form Number Squares and Place Value
Place Value Puzzler Place the Penguin Everything In Its Place Make It Count
Number Sense from Cyberchase Catapult Place Value Games Place Value 2 a Thousand
Place Value Mystery Page Place Value Video Place Value Game Counting and Place Value Games
Multiplication and Div. Games Math Magician Cross the Swamp Math Mayhem
ArithmAttack Aplusmath Lemonade Larry Math Fact Practice
Multiplication Games Speed Math Number Invaders Multiplication Games
Measure It
Adam Ant Explores Perimeter The Ruler Game Rulers and Tape Measures Customary Measurement
Perimeter of a Rectangle Measuring Skills Measurement Games at Quia Measurement at Gamequarium
Estimating Metric Length Fossweb Measurement    
Identify Fractions with Circles Fraction Match
Crossing the River Fraction Frenzy Fraction Shading Math Splat
Equivalent Fractions Fraction Games from Gamequarium Egyptian Fractions Pizza Party
Beginning Fractions Fraction Games What is a fraction? Fresh Baked Fractions
Flowering Fractions Fraction Pieces More Fraction Games Tony's Pizza Party
Fraction Frenzy Fraction games and tutorials 8 Interactive Fraction Games Matching Equivalent Fractions
Interactive Teaching
Find the other half Tangrams Shape & Space
Sagwa Tangrams Geometry at Gamequariaum Transformations
Estimating Metric Length Geometry Games Math Geometry
Numbers Cruncher Rulers and Tape Measures Space and Shape Basic geometry
Estimating a sum by rounding
More or Less Estimator Estimation Contraption Estimation Hundreds Rounding Flashcards
Basketball Rounding Rounding Off Rounding Numbers Estimation Games
Can You Fill It? Front End Estimating More Estimation Games Estimate
Data Collection
Billy Bug Gameaquarium Data Interpretation Play Ball Create A Graph
Billy Bug 2 Hurkle Grapher What's the Point?
Count Us In Stop the Clock Identifying the Hour Train Times
Clockwist Matching Time Gamequarium Time Games  
Flashcard Clock Telling Time for Two Room 108 Time Clock What time is It?
Telling Time Movie from NASA Time Teller Hickory Dickory Clock Telling Time Games
Counting Change
Gamequarium Money Money Tutorial Money Central Station How Much Change?
Discovering Coin Value Equivalent Sets of Coins U.S. Mint Games for kids Break the Bank
Piggybank Lemonade Larry Counting Change Show me the Money
Money Flashcards Let's Compare Lemonade Stand Which Coin?
Money Scrambler Change Maker Mad Money Flash Spending Spree


Starfall Magnetic Chat
Short Vowel Practice Word Builder Activity Blends Words and Pictures
Phonics Endings 2 Internet4classrooms Phonics Blending Dragons Phonics #4
Gamequarium Short Vowels Gamequarium Phonics Spaces Aces OU/OW Diphthongs
Gamequarium Long Vowels Long & Short Vowels Mix & Match Diphthong Games Vowel Sounds ai, ee, oi, oa, ie
Main Idea/Predictions
What's the Big Idea? Finding the Main Idea Compare and Contrast Making Predictions
Making Predictions Now it's your turn Compare/Contrast Online Activities Get the Idea
Stated Information Stated Information 2 Sequencing Dig It!
Main Idea Mini Lesson Main Idea Online Quizzes    
Arthur's Scramble Sequencing Fun 2nd grade Rdg Exercises Fact or Opinion
Test Tutor Sequence Game Read the Passages 3rd grade Reading Exercises
Reading for Comprehension What's the Order? Readquarium Inference Battleship
Literal Understanding What Can You Infer? Sequence of Events Story Sequence
Word Central
Vocabulary Games Gamequarium Vocabulary Word Play FreeRice
Super Kids Vocabulary Builder Word Drop Learning Vocabulary Can be Fun Vocabulary Pinball
Fun with Words Everyday Vocabulary Anagrams Illustrated Vocabulary Spelling and Vocabulary
Kid's Poetry Page
Rhyming Dictionary Limerick Factory Poetry 4 Fun Fern's Poetry Club
ou and ow sounds Use dge to say /j/ in a one syllable word
Final Stable Syllables Use tch to say /ch/ Use "au" and "aw" s blends at the beginning of the word
"oi" in the middle and "oy" at the end words beginning with "dis", "re" and "un" words ending with "ing" use gh, ph, and f to say /f/
drop the "e" and add "ing" Homophones Spelling City  

ABC Order
Spelling Scramble
Guide Words to the Stars Alphabetizing Alphabetizing through the 3rd letter ABC Gameaquarium
More Spelling
Spell Check Compound Words
Gamequarium Spelling Match Spelling and Typing Games Word Spell
Contraction Match
Contractions Games Contraction Crossword A Bed Full of Cats Contractions Practice #1 - to BE Verb
Contractions Contraction Quiz Type the Contraction Contractions and Negatives
Gamequarium Synonyms Do you know about antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, contractions, and compounds? Same Difference Vocabulary Games at Gamequarium
Self-Study Homonym Quizzes Synonyms 1 Antonym Hangman More Synonyms
Rocket to the Moon Antonym Columns SUPER SYNONYMS Have Fun with Synonyms
Synonyms 2 Ball Hogs Synonyms Race  
Super Match
To / Two / Too Homophones Match the homophones There, their, they're
Homophones II Our ..... are ..... hour Homophones Quiz Homonyms Match
Grammar Blast
Telling and naming Parts Grammar Skills Wacky Web Tales Adjective seek
Sentence Clubhouse Grammar Blast Go for the Grammar Gold Grammar Cracker
Clean Up Your Grammar Scholastic Grammar Games Rats  
Sentence Structure
Build a Sentence
Magic Key Sentence Structure Games Sentence Structure Practice Sentence or Fragment
Sentence Sort Sentence Clubhouse Telling and Naming Parts Letter Generator
Plural Nouns
Grammar: Prefixes and Suffixes Irregular Plurals of Nouns Prefixes Prefixes and Suffixes
Prefixes Say Plenty Slideshow Plural s - es Irregular Plurals #2 (-os/-oes) Irregular Plurals #1
Irregular Plurals of Nouns Suffixes Say Plenty Slideshow Maggie's Suffix/Prefix Game Roots & Prefixes
Making sentences
Grammar Review 1 Capitalization Practice Punctuation Games Star Punctuation
Punctuation and Capitalization Apostrophe Quiz Proper Nouns and adjectives Grammar Helper



Food and Nutrition
Food and Nutrition Unit More Nutrition Links
Food Force A to Z teacher Stuff Fun Foods Nutrition
Food and nutrition websites My Pyramid Blast Off My Pyramid Match Game More Nutrition Links
Kid's Connect Links Pyramid Power Meals Matter Nutrition Explorations
My Pyramid Graphics      
Butterfly Links Galore
Monarch Butterfly Learn About Butterflies Animal Adaptations

Insect Transformation Video

Need Quicktime Player

Butterfly Website

Great Site!

Butterfly Photo Gallery The Children's Butterfly Website Enchanted Learning Butterflies
Jigsaw Puzzles of Butterflies Club Caterpillar for Kids Journey North for Kids Migration of the Butterfly
Butterfly Crossword Informational Sites    


Social Studies

Community Club
Ben's Guide to your Neighborhood What's My Job? Field Trip - Visit some Awesome Places Coloring Pages
Tour a Fire Station Building Communities Community Helpers Kid Safety
Community Helpers Word Search Teaching about Communities My Community Pages