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Prairie Elementary

        Bulldog Tracks
                                                             Buddy says
                                                            “Read for 20

         David Engelking, Principal                             minutes
         October 2019                                         every day”


         5TH TO THE ZOO               OCT 8   Parent – Teacher Confer-            Tuesday  evening  from
         8:45-2:30                           ences  are  scheduled  for           4:00-8:30  p.m.  There
                                             October  14th  and  15th.            will  be  NO  SCHOOL  for
         1ST TO APPLEJACKS         OCT 10
         PUMPKIN PATCH   8:45-2:30           Specials  (Music,  PE,  Li-          students  on  Thursday,
                                             brary  and  Tech)  and               Oct.  17th  and  Friday,
         4TH TO COWTOWN            OCT 10
         9-2                                 SPED  teachers  will  be             Oct. 18th.   We believe
                                             scheduling  conferences              communication  is  key
         NO SCHOOL                       OCT 11   in  addition  to  classroom     to a successful year, so

                                             teachers. Sign up letters            mark  your  calendars
         PARENT/TEACHER     OCT 14 & 15      were  sent  home  last               now and plan to attend!
         CONFERENCES  4 –8:30 P.M.
                                             week.  If  you  haven't

         NO SCHOOL                OCT 17 & 18   scheduled  your  confer-            PLEASE BE AWARE!!!!
         CONFERENCE RELEASE DAYS             ence       please      do      so      CONFERENCES WILL

         KINDERGARTEN                OCT 25   ASAP. Parents, thank you                      BE HELD
         KLAUSMEYER PUMPKIN PATCH            in  advance  for  making                TWO NIGHTS ONLY,

         PICTURE RETAKES           OCT 30    these  meetings  a  priori-             MONDAY, OCTOBER
                                             ty.    Conferences  will  be                     14TH
         FALL PARTIES                   OCT 31
         2:45—3:30                           held  in  individual  class-            TUESDAY, OCTOBER
                                             rooms,        Monday         and                 15TH

                                             DROP & GO
                                                                                  We  invite  parents  to  come  in
                                            Starting September 24th, parents      and  have  breakfast  or  lunch
                                            walking  their  children  to  class   with your child. For those want-
                                            should plan on dropping off at the    ing  to  volunteer  in  the  class-
                                            classroom door. This is all part of   room...please  discuss  possible
                                            the  process  of  teaching  our  chil-  opportunities  with  your  child’s
                                            dren  how  to  self-manage  within    teacher.
                                            the  classroom  and  the  school.
                                            This procedure applies to all par-    Thank  you  for  helping  our  stu-
                                            ents across all grade levels within   dents  develop  and  grow  into
                                            the school.                           independent learners.
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