We Care About Our Kids

USD 261's Health Services Department can assist with the health needs of children and coordinate with staff, families, healthcare providers, and community agencies by providing health care assessment, intervention, and follow-up for all children within the school setting to promote the maximum educational opportunity for all students. However, we believe that parents have the primary responsibility for their children's health, but together we can provide a safe and healthful school experience for your child.

The School Nurse or Health Aide in your child's school is your primary contact for your health concerns within the school setting. If you have any health concerns for your children that may impact their educational experience, please do not hesitate to contact your school nurse, health aide or principal. Also, please call or visit with your family physician or other healthcare providers concerning your child's health issues.

Children enjoy school more and learn better when they feel well and are healthy. Teachers can be most effective when they understand the health status and needs of their students and can adapt instructional programs accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns about services available, please contact Mary Parker, RN District School Nurse at 554-2200 or email at mparker@usd261.com

In the Healthroom

Campus High School
Carolyn Stone, RN Assistant District School Nurse
Mary King, CNA
Telephone: 316-554-2236
Fax: 316-554-2241

Haysville Alternative High School
Mary Parker, RN District School Nurse
Telephone: 316-554-2200 or 316-761-1726
Carolyn Stone, RN Assistant District School Nurse
Telephone: 316-554-2236 or 316-761-8479
Fax: 316-554-2241

Haysville Middle School
Shannon Dean, MA
Traci McKelvey (part-time)
Telephone: 316-554-2251
Fax: 316-554-2258

Haysville West Middle School
Teresa Rosendale, LPN
Traci McKelvey (part-time)
Telephone: 316-554-2370
Fax: 316-554-2377

Freeman Elementary School
Clara Warren, CNA
Telephone: 316-554-2265
Fax: 316-554-2295

Nelson Elementary School
Vanessa Blanc, LPN
Telephone: 316-554-2273
Fax: 316-554-2275

Oatville Elementary School
Nancy Davis, Health Aide
Telephone: 316-554-2290
Fax: 316-554-2292

Prairie Elementary School
Leann Lewman, RN
Telephone: 316-554-2350
Fax: 316-554-2357

Rex Elementary School
Morgan Lehning, LPN
Telephone: 316-554-2281
Fax: 316-522-2043

Ruth Clark Elementary School
Gari VanEs, MA
Telephone: 316-554-2333
Fax: 316-554-2340

Tri-City Day School
Patty McConnell, LPN
Telephone: 316-554-2324
Fax: 316-554-2323

Forms & Resources

Asthma Medical Management Plan pdf
Cardiac Condition Medical Management Plan pdf
Child Health Assessment pdf
Diabetes Medical Management Plan pdf
Exclusion Policy pdf
Flu Prevention Tips html
Food Allergy Action Plan pdf
Health History Form pdf
HIPAA (Exchange of Health & Educaton Information pdf
KCI (Kansas Certificate of Immunizations) pdf
KS Medical Exemption of Immunizations pdf
Permission to Administer Medication pdf
Permission to Possess & Self-Administer Medication pdf
Seizure Medical Management Plan pdf

Contact Us

Health Services Department

1745 W. Grand
Haysville, KS 67060
Tel: 316-554-2200
Fax: 316-554-2330

Mary Parker, RN
District Nurse
email: mparker@usd261.com
Tel: 316-761-1726

Carolyn Stone, RN
Asst. District Nurse
email: cstone@usd261.com
Tel: 316-761-8479