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“I Can, I Will, I Do!”


           February, 2018

        Capturing Kids’ Heart

             2017-2018 Freeman Elementary School                                     Coming Soon…

        We are excited to share that Freeman will have our        Discussions are still occurring in our building… As a
        very own colored, 32-page yearbook this year!             parent, if you have any ideas or wish to get in on
                         PREPAID ORDERS ONLY!                     the fun planning stages, please call me.  I would
                                                                  love  to  get  your  ideas!    Once  again,  here  are  the
          The cost is $12 and MUST be paid in advance.            stages for the development of our outdoor learning
                   The deadline is February 2 !                   center:

                                                                  Stages 1-2: Done
         FREEMAN IN THE NEWS!!!!!!!!                                Stage 3: Master Plan: DONE

                                                                  Caleb Parker, CHS graduate and is studying
                                                                  landscape architecture at KSU has designed our
           ** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS **                            outdoor learning center.  Next step is to get the
                                                                  materials and volunteer.
                   2018 Horizon Award Winner
                          Hilary Cosgrove                         Stage 4: Get Help from Experts
                         2  Grade Teacher                         This is when the true excitement begins!  We will ask
                                                                  for volunteer help from students, staff, parents, and
                                                                  community  business  leaders  to  work  together  to
                2017 KanSPRA Broadcast Award                      build our Outdoor Learning Center.
                       Movie/Video Division
                    Capturing Kids’ Heart Video                   Stage  5:  Build  Capacity  for  School  and
                    Producer:  Mr. Nate McGee                     Community Support
                                                                  This  stage  will  build  capacity  between  school  and
                                                                  home to maintain the Outdoor Learning Center.

                                                                                        Dr. Donna Ferguson, Principal
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