Freeman Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Hilary Cosgrove has been named a 2018 Horizon Award winner. Cosgrove was one of 16 elementary school teachers honored. This award is intended to recognize exemplary first-year teachers in the elementary and secondary classrooms of the state who perform in a way that distinguishes them as outstanding. This award provides each district the opportunity to encourage, recognize, and reward new members of the profession.

Caption-- Freeman Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Hilary Cosgrove (seated) was on the phone talking with Dr. Randy Watson, Kansas Commissioner of Education, who informed her about being named a 2018 Horizon Award winner. Freeman Elementary School Learning Facilitator Toni Haight and Haysville USD 261 Superintendent Dr. John Burke were there to congratulate her.

Mark Your Calendars

January 12: No School - Inservice
January 15: No School - Non-contract Day

Outdoor Learning Center Is In The Works!

The plan to design and create an Outdoor Learning Center as an extended classroom is now on Stage 3. We have completed the first two stages.

Stage 1: Input from Students and Staff

Stage 2: Identification of Ground Assets

Stage 3: Make a Master Plan: This stage will require collaboration between the landscape expert and other interested parties to create and design a master plan for our Outdoor Learning Center. The master plan will incorporate the use of Kansas natural plants, shrubs, and trees. These resources will be identified through student research.

Stage 4: Get Help from Experts: This is when the true excitement begins! We will ask for volunteer help from students, staff, parents, and community business leaders to work together to build our Outdoor Learning Center.

Stage 5: Build Capacity for School and Community Support: This stage will build capacity between school and home to maintain the Outdoor Learning Center.

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Freeman Elementary School Recognized as a Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School.

Capturing Kids' HeartsIt's Official! Freeman Elementary School has been awarded 2016-17 Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase School Award. Our campus was one of four Haysville schools selected this year for this award. The selection process was from thousands of campuses across the country who have implemented Capturing Kids’ Hearts, but with fidelity and commitment to winning their hearts and leading them to achieve their personal best did Freeman jump out ahead of other schools.

We are happy to begin our new school year being recognized as a National CKH Showcase School. And with
this honor, expectations and procedures are important components for all students, new and old, to learn or
revisit. We spent our first 7 days of school learning, practicing, and applying our procedures and expectations. We believe the time we spend at the start of school to learn these acceptable behaviors is time well spent. Ask your child about their class Social Contract!

In addition to developing our class Social Contracts, teachers have also been engaged in fun activities to get
to know your child. Building relationships is a key component to our success and nomination for CKH showcase school. Teachers and students have worked together to create unique student artwork that will hang in the vestibule of our school. All artwork will be available for you to see right after the Labor Day holiday.


In Topeka for Capturing Kids' Hearts

Capturing Kids Hearts Recognition in Topeka

Freeman will be having Pride Assemblies on the last Friday or date closest to, of each month. These assemblies are to celebrate the great things our students are doing at school. Teachers will be handing out individual awards and classroom awards will be given by our Specials teachers. Parents are welcome to attend these wonderful award assemblies.

Dismissal Procedures

School Sign

The most important part of our procedures is for parents to use the crosswalk at all times. Not only is the crosswalk the right thing to do, it is the safe thing to do. Please don’t ask your child to cut between cars, even if you are walking with them!

Our dismissal procedure will ask that you chose either to remain in your car and follow the car pool lane where an adult will assist your child in getting in your car…. OR you can park your car in the parking lot and walk across the cross walk and get your child. Adult monitors will be at the front entrance crosswalk, to assist with traffic control. Either way, car pool students will come out the front entrance! We recognize either choice you make, we require some adjustment, but we sincerely hope that this will eliminate students running out into traffic.

Kansas regulations now require that we provide all parents with notice of policies regarding Emergency Safety Interventions ("ESI''). The State of Kansas policy is available on our website and in our student handbooks. In addition, we will provide a copy of the policy at any time upon request.

Latchkey before school is provided through the Haysville Activity Center (HAC). For information to sign up your child for morning latchkey or for drop in care for your kids on days in which school is out.

Call the school if you are interested in becoming a teacher helper, tutor, field trip monitor, etc. The students need YOU!

Literacy First

January Monthly Tips!

The National Reading Panel states, “Fluent readers are characterized by the ability to read orally with speed, accuracy and proper expression.”

When teachers listen to their students read daily, they are focusing on 4 major components of fluency: Pace, Phrasing, Expression/Volume, and Smoothness. Teachers model and explicitly teach these guidelines so your child knows what is expected of them.

Pace is keeping a consistently conversational and appropriate rate of which they read. It is not slow and laborious or inappropriately fast.

Phrasing is being aware of sentence units and applying appropriate stress and intonation (pausing at commas and other end marks). It is not reading monotonic and word-for-word.

Expression/Volume is reading with enthusiasm while sounding natural. It is not robot reading using little expression. Smoothness is reading with minimal breaks. It is not sounding out words and frequently pausing or hesitating to read.

Have your child practice reading with appropriate fluency on some of their favorite books, poems or comics.

Each month I will post information regarding literacy strategies or skills that might be helpful for you and your child at home. If you have any questions about Literacy First, please feel free to contact your child's teacher, or call me at 554-2265 or email Check out the official Literacy First Website at


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Freeman PTA always accepts new members. The membership cost is $5.00 per person and you will receive a membership card that will earn you discounts at Barnes and Noble, Haysville Sonic, T-Mobile, and many more places.


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Third Thursday of the Month at 6:00 PM

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Watch D.O.G.S., Back-to-School Bash, Anti-bullying T-shirts, Freeman Apparel, Box Tops for Education, Campbell Soup Labels, Pastries with Parents, Fundraisers, Holiday Shop, Yearbook, Popcorn Fridays, Field Day, 5th Grade vs Staff game, Surprise Supplies, 5th Grade Farewell, Staff Appreciation, Help with Red Ribbon Week and much more!


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