Administration Directory

GENERAL INFORMATION - Phone: (316)554-2200

SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE - Phone: (316)554-2200
Dr. John Burke, Superintendent
Debbie Coleman, Executive Administrative Assistant
Melinda Smith, Receptionist

PERSONNEL - Phone: (316)554-2206
Dr. Michael Clagg, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel
Luetta Yoder, Personnel Clerk
Dawn Womack, Personnel Clerk
Beth Schutte RN, District Nurse
Leslie Thomas RN, Assistant District Nurse

LEARNING SERVICES - Phone: (316)554-2205

Jennifer Reed, Assistant Superintendent for Learning Services
Lisa Cundiff, Director of Instructional Technology
Krista Pottier, K-12 Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
Shenae Stein, K-12 Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
Christy Long, Curriculum Secretary

Angie Estell, Director
Sandra Beck, Assistant Director
Gina Latta, Student Support
Dana Collier, Secretary
Jyntre Hephner, Secretary
Sue Voigt, Physical Therapist
Mary Jo Borzelleri-Miller, Occupational Therapist
Jennifer Logan, Occupational Therapist
Shelly Stude, Occupational Therapist
Lindsey Yordy, Adapted Physical Education

BUSINESS DEPARTMENT - Phone: (316)554-2201
Dr. Clint Schutte, Assistant Superintendent for Business/ Finance
Nadine Foreman, Accounting Assistant
CeCe Haywood, Accounts Receivable and Employee Benefits
Bobi Roberts, Payroll
Jennifer Shumaker, Accounts Payable and Purchasing

COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR  - Phone: (316)554-2200 
Adia Ludwig, Communications Director

David Herbert, Director of Information Technology
Bret Long, Asst. Director of Information Technology
Mark Kane, System Analyst I
Chris Rodie, System Analyst I
Collin Taylor, Network Analyst II
Som Choup, Adv. PC Technician
Trinidy Boes, Adv. PC Technician
Kathy Walker, Secretary
Misty Long, Website Coordinator

EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER - Phone: (316)554-2233
7303 S. Meridian
Jetta Williams, Director
Jennifer Schroeder, Secretary

FOOD SERVICES - Phone: (316)554-2219
132 Stewart
Gina Lee, Director
Laurann Latham, Secretary

LEARNING CENTER - Phone: (316)554-2331 Fax: (316)554-2342
150 Stewart
Penny Schuckman, Director
Dartha Lewis, Secretary

MAINTENANCE - Phone: (316)554-2210
1645 W. Grand
B.J. Knudson, Executive Director
Freddy Robinson, Director of Facilities
Michelle Mowdy, Secretary

TRANSPORTATION - Phone: (316)554-2213
1645 W. Grand
Chris Long, Director