HHS is designed to engage students as participants, not as spectators, in the learning process. Working together through the steps of the admission process, students see firsthand the uses and needs for problem-solving skills, particularly when they are involved.


Step 1: Interview with counseling staff and administration at CHS. Obtain a referral.
Step 2: Pre-Testing at HAHS (math, reading & writing). (Students will be required to be enrolled in tutorial classes for reading, math, and writing until they satisfy proficiency requirements.)
Step 3:

Entrance Interview

      1. Student must be accompanied by parent/guardian
      2. Complete student profile
      3. Discuss HHS student expectations
      4. Discuss and identify academic, personal, and professional goals.
      5. Evaluate transcript and educational options.
Step 4:

Determination of admission

Develop academic course of study

Student/Parent contact

Step 5:

Determination of schedule

Full schedule or shortened schedule with Job Training Partnership for those who qualify.